Cheer Up! EP 01 [2009.06.21]

Published on June 21, 2009 by Nicehost


New Show! Unfortunately I heard a rumor that they’ve already pulled the plug for it (so we probably will only get a couple more episode for it). I found this show like sooooo much more entertaining than HMF though. The basic concept of this show is basically the girls going around to “Cheer Up” the people of Korea. It’s interesting because haha although I wasn’t there I was very much so happy after watching this episode with them. SNSD has such a way with making fans happy by just eating. The two funniest people on this episode were Sooyoung & Seohyun. Maknae’s innocence is sooo adorable to watch. It really sucks though that our other shikshin, Yoona, wasn’t on the show, haha she would have enjoyed the mission. I hope everyone enjoyed this because even without subs I found this entertaining. SNSD is win. Watch & leave long comments. Remember to support “Tell Me Your Wish”! Enjoy! Pink Subs FTW!


Translator: Hyunjin808
Timer: nary & Kanki
Spot Translators: Xeth & k_Taevid
Editor: Soy
Encoder: sekshi

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