Healing Camp EP 132 [2014.03.17]

Published on March 17, 2014 by bhost909


A frank talk about a number of topics including their dating, black ocean, time during their debut and as trainees and their thoughts on the future. Enjoy


Translators: SNSDDani, thatssosoo, cucluvsic, SunnyStawr, minigiglo
Timers: yoongsan15, ilovep10, pink_tokkyu, SNSDDani
Screentext: yoongsan15, pink_tokkyu
Editors: moonrise31,yoongsan15
Encoder: kiseki

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  • Tisy 10 months ago

    Hi! I hope team soshisubs can reupload this episode cos all the links are down 🙁

  • Y00ngie 10 months ago

    Why are the videos not loading? Can’t watch the episodes 🙁 it says openload refuses to load the video…

  • SafaLyafal 11 months ago

    Sorry, video didnt play? Why?

  • truc 1 year ago

    love this!

  • Angela 2 years ago

    deberias poner con subtitulos en español… por favor
    muchas fans buscan estos programas pero la mayoria estan en ingles y no pueden entender … yo entiendo poco ….. pero si puedes poner en español seria genial…gracias

    you should put subtitles in Spanish … please
    Many fans are looking for these programs but most are in English and can not understand .
    I understand little ….. but if you can put in Spanish it would be great … thanks

  • Amaliaa 2 years ago

    why the video didn’t play?

  • Tangela 3 years ago

    Thank you Brother James for the inafimotron. We’ve had a bad day here and hearing that makes the day a little better. We’ll continuing praying for Det. Penrod and his family

  • Keisha 3 years ago

    Sharp thngkini! Thanks for the answer.

  • Faeri sone 3 years ago

    i didn’t know thsi

  • ForeverSONE^^ 4 years ago

    Nice… ^^


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