Kko Kko Tour S1 EP 03 (Tiffany) [2008.10.05]

Published on October 5, 2008 by Nicehost



Project 139! Still a bit slow but released before episode 4 aired so I guess a bit of an improvement. Enjoy this episode~ I’m really starting to like this show more and more. This episode didn’t have that much Fany, but there was tons of Amy & ______. Can’t wait for the next episode and see what Fany’s date is going to be like. Pink Subs Ftw~

– Soy

Translators: FanyLove, wondersoshi, xyiseul
Editor: Soy
Timer: SlashIzzy
Screentext Timer: Misa
Spot Translator: boxclub
Encoder: Lynd

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  • Evan 4 years ago

    gosh i hate Amy so much. the way she behaves and acts, irritating


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