Midnight Sun Musical – Taeyeon [2010.06.05]

Published on June 5, 2010 by Nicehost


Project 427! We’re bringing you Taeyeon’s first musical in pink subs! This musical is an adaptation of Denkawa Aya’s novel “タイヨウのうた” AKA “Song to the Sun/Midnight Sun”. This musical has previously been both a drama and a movie in Japan with actress Sawajiri Erika and artist YUI performing the role of Kaoru, SNSD’s very own Taeyeon follows in their footsteps. This musical is about a girl with a disease that doesn’t allow her to go out in the daylight (hence the title “Midnight Sun”!) and instead she goes into town at night and sings for people there. Kaoru also finds a boy she’s attracted to, but because she lacks the experience with talking to many people due to her disease, she’s a bit awkward with him at first. We hope everyone enjoys this musical with the lovely songs (first made popular by YUI in the movie!), the romance, the sadness and of course the fun and laughter~! This shows of both Taeyeon’s acting and singing abilities and for all you Taeng lovers she even has her infamous dorky laugh and an amusing… “puking” scene. It’s a lovely little musical and we really hope you all enjoy it! Let’s all fly well and go to the skyline! Remember, pink subs FTW! ^^

– Kanki

Translators: Hyunjin808, taengbear, soshi00
Timer: Kanki
Screentext Timer: krnpoprocks
Spot Translator: typicalharu
Editors: Soy & Kanki
Encoder: Young Buck

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