Factory Girl EP 09 [2008.12.10]

Published on December 10, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 174! Yay, another Wednesday, another speedy delivery of Factory Girl, soshi subs style ^^; There’s not alot of FG episodes left, probably two more at the most, so make sure you watch them all! Soon enough, the girls will make their comeback and you’ll see them on the TV screens again, so fret not ^^ In this episode, you’ll see some major Yulsic action, as Jessica shows her absolute ineptitude in the kitchen and has to have her hubby Yuri do everything for her. There’s even a quick conversation in English, as Jessica says something in English and Yuri replies in Korean. I thought that was cool >__< And then there's the Dream Girls and their extremely difficult struggles to make their Christmas love proposal a success. Click, comment, and download~ ^^ Pink Subs FTW~ - boxclub Translator: junyeoli, boxclub Editor: boxclub Timer: Kanki, TheFly Encoder: renesis

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