Park Soohyun’s Love Game Radio [01.21.09]

Published on January 21, 2009 by Nicehost


Project 186! BTW to day is SoShi Subs’ 1st year anniversary, this time last year we released our very first subbed video as a small and inexperienced team and today we’re almost to project 200. It really has been a ride guys. Anyways I know we’re working on the big radio shows and variety shows right now, but this was bora like yesterday and we ended up just doing a small cut of it because the rest of the radio wasn’t really memorable because the girls didn’t really know the DJ that well. We did the cut where the girls were talking about Kara’s Nicole and them tricking her and Tiffany. It’s cute. Enjoy .. Pink Subs FTW ^^


Translator: cathode
Editor: Soy
Timer: bug
Encoder: bug

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