Radio Star EP 256 [2011.11.09]

Published on November 9, 2011 by Nicehost


Project 560! This very funny episode of Radio Star features musical stars! Veteran musical actors Park Haemi and Im Taekyung are the other guests, and together with the MCs and the girls, they provide non-stop laughter. Radio Star is known for broaching sensitive topics, and here they discuss some very interesting subjects like the incident at Angel Price Music Festival, and Taeyeon & Tiffany’s squabble over indigestion. The guests sing a musical song of their choice, and Taeyeon sings “All That Jazz” from Chicago. Jessica’s and Tiffany’s performances weren’t aired on TV, but thankfully MBC uploaded it on their website.

We decided to sub this episode in full! If you appreciate our work, leave a comment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple thank you, a critique, or an essay of devotion. We just want to know that you’re there and hear what you think! Pink subs ftw~


Translators: jreddevil07, taengbear
Timers: yuldori, MinatoKai
Screentext: MinatoKai
Editor: soshiluv9
Encoder: hangthienbao

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