(restream) Sunny in People of Full Capacity [2016.06.23]

Published on June 28, 2016 by Nicehost

did you miss your chance to catch Sunny in People of Full Capacity?

here’s the restream, cuz you know we can’t having you missing out >.<



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  • AuraCloud 2 years ago

    I can’t watch this vid o no matter how hard I try.It used to work and I could watch but now it just freezes and doesn’t play.Please help(I’m on an iPad)

  • subpage 2 years ago

    it’s hard being a sunshiner… thanks for your efforts!

  • Ros 2 years ago

    thanks for uploading the show for fans like me that doesn’t know nor have any access to Korea variety show.. really appreciate BUT will there be any sub to this or Sunny latest StrongMan?? pls say yes.. I will wait patiently.

    • Nicehost 2 years ago

      we’re catching up on our backlog of shows. we’ll try our best.


      • Judy 12 months ago

        Finding this post has anrsewed my prayers

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