Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation EP 02 [2010.04.17]

Published on April 17, 2010 by Nicehost


Project 426 – What?! Another one? In the 2nd part of this behind the scenes special, the camera crew follows the girls on the bus to their performance in Gwangju. They reminisce about their debut and we see how they pass their time during traveling. Then the show moves on to their trip to Thailand in 2009, from the performances, to the sightseeing tour, television appearances and the fansigning. It ends with the girls talking about netizen rankings for their fashion, vocal, dance and variety talents, leadership and skin tone. Enjoy!


Translator: soCOOL
Timer: soshi_tae
Screentext: agentjjlee
Spot Translator: typicalharu & Hyunjin808
Editor: Engel
Encoder: kiseki

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  • Heaven 4 years ago

    Hey, that post leaves me feeling foihsol. Kudos to you!


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