ShimShimTapa Radio [2009.01.22]

Published on January 22, 2009 by bhost909


Yay another radio~ This one was with Kim Shinyoung, who’s super close with the girls, so all of them were really comfortable and playful on the show. Eight girls on the show, minus Yoona. One of the funny parts of the show was when they discussed “mothers’ generation” and talked about how the girls would be as mothers or as ajummas (middle aged women). Sooyoung said that if her kid was crying in a restaurant, she would kill him rofl. They also sang live (a trot song at that as well!) and throughout the show, you can see some major Yulsic action as those two completely ignored everything that was going on and were off in their own little world for like the entire show.


Translators: Xeth, junyeoli & Hyunjin808
Editor: boxclub
Timer: TheFly
Encoder: sekshi

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