ShimShimTapa Radio [2010.11.13]

Published on November 13, 2010 by bhost909


Another Hoot radio appearance! The girls start off by ranking their top 5 SNSD songs (and parodying themselves in the process). Then they go into a Q&A corner where the girls pick the members that put in extra effort for male idols, have the most humiliating photos, is surprisingly smart, is a love counselor and practices personal talents. To finish the show that goes by too quickly, if you thought Yoona’s unniiiiieeeee~ was nuts, wait till you hear her upgraded nagging aegyo voice! They really brought the energy to this one with constant jabbing despite being a midnight show. Enjoy! 훗훗훗


Translator: jreddevil07
Timer: Riin
Editor: Shitro13
Encoder: kiseki

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