Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio [2009.01.14]

Published on January 14, 2009 by bhost909


Another one of the long awaited radios that people have been hounding us to sub. This one is Sukira and there was a lot of funny answers from all the members. This radio does feature all 9 of the members even though Taeyeon was a bit sick. Sunny also wore the Bunny hoodie that we gave her back in 2008 to show some love on the radio. SNSD bora radios = best thing alive, they’re amazing when it comes to getting to know the girls and just loving them more and more .


Translators: juhyun & ak6c
Editors: Soy & boxclub
Timer: Kanki
Spot Translator: cathode
Encoder: renesis

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  • Tracy 5 years ago

    oww Unnie you can’t forced saeboby to drinks like that, but I’m admit seohyun for being sportive even other girls gang to cornered her to be lose at the patient seohyun and keep your thoughts of being healthy are at the first state,I wish I could lend my shoulder to you when you drunk but hey I’m stuck here with my phone on Indonesia -.-PLEASE RESCUE ME CALL 911 and tell them to pick me in surabaya,indonesia


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