Kko Kko Tour S1 EP 10 (Yuri) [2008.11.23]

Published on November 23, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 175! Finally the long awaited 10th episode of Kko Kko Tour. Unfortunately this is also the end of the show period because KBS had issues with being able to fund the show and each trip. Well, it was fun while it lasted and at least there’s subs for every single episode of this variety show. Another SoShi Subs milestone. Yul’s pick might surprise a lot of people but she’s known to be incredibly spontaneous, so it wasn’t that new to me. Enjoy and comment because the team worked hard. Pink Subs FTW~


Translators: cathode, chiaroscuro., xyiseul & aseo
Editor: Soy
Timers: Greenbox & Kanki & SlashIzzy
Spot Translator: cathode
Encoder: Lynd

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