Factory Girl EP 02 [2008.10.15]

Published on October 15, 2008 by Nicehost


Project 146! Another anticipated episode, another less than 24 hour release. MNet has shorten FG’s episodes to just 30 minutes (the first episode was special because well it was the first one, the rest of the releases will be half the time). However, the good news is that the ratings are quite high for the show so far. Continue watching and leaving long comments. Don’t forget to visit the discussion thread. Anyways our team is basically amazing. Another new episode another new mission. For pictures check out each girl’s section as well as the main photo area. For swfs, obviously check the swf area. We’re constantly updating everyone with the show and everything about it. Pink Subs Ftw~

– Soy

Translator: boxclub
Editor: Soy
Timers: Kanki & Misa
Encoder: renesis

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