Shimshim Tapa Radio (part. 1) [2007.11.02]

Published on November 2, 2007 by Nicehost


Project 152. I’ve missed the girls so much on radios, hopefully they go on a bunch once they come back. This is super old and they look super young, but it’s a must watch. I know a bunch of SNSD fans that became fans thanks to this very radio. We’ve had so many requests about it as well and finally haha it’s here. We’re only missing like 2 girls for this radio and it was uber loud and crazy once again. But then again when isn’t it when our girls are involved. Hopefully you guys enjoy this~ Pink Subs FTW~.

– Soy

Translator: joeMAaaaaa
Timers: __’b4by & Misa & Crossed
Editor: minjoo
Encoder: Lynd

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  • xavierknight 6 years ago

    Wow, even the audio of this video is broken here in soshi subs, i hope you can fix it 🙁 tnx in advance 🙂


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